VQ Chef Competition
April 13th | 11AM-3PM

Our Vegan BBQ Chef Competition, aims to bring together food enthusiasts, environmental advocates, and the local communities


Partner with us. Incredible Event! April 13th

We are anticipating a significant turnout of health-conscious and eco-friendly individuals, eager to discover new vegan offerings.
American Jazz Museum
1616 E 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108

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Event Overview

This event is not just a celebration of plant-based cuisine, but also a gathering that embodies community spirit, environmental awareness, and healthy living.

Set to take place on April 13th at the American Jazz Museum at 11AM-3PM this challenge will bring together renowned chefs to compete in creating delectable vegan BBQ dishes. The event will feature:

Live Cooking Demonstrations: Chefs will use a range of plant-based ingredients, spices, and unique grilling techniques.

Interactive Tastings: Attendees will have the opportunity to sample the chefs’ creations, fostering a direct connection with the culinary experience.

Judging and Awards: A panel of esteemed judges will evaluate the dishes,
celebrating the creativity and skill in vegan cooking.

Why Sponsor This Event?
Brand Visibility: Aligning with this event will position your company at the forefront of culinary innovation and sustainability.

Targeted Audience Engagement: Connect with a passionate audience,
including food enthusiasts, environmental advocates, and health-conscious consumers.

Community Impact: Support a growing movement that emphasizes healthful, eco-friendly living.

Sponsorship Opportunities:
We offer various sponsorship levels, each with its own set of benefits and exposure opportunities.

We believe that participation in the Celebrity Chef Vegan BBQ Challenge
will be mutually beneficial. Together, we can inspire and educate people about the versatility and appeal of plant-based cuisine.


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